Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear Family,
How are all of you? I love you all!!! I hope you are doing great and striving to follow the Holy Ghost always. I have had a really great week. Sister Butler, one of my house mates, went home last week, so we had Ilona Lim, a 25-year-old prospective sister missionary from the branch, stay over for a few nights and work in Oton B with Sister McClellan. That was so fun, and I was able to hold a whole conversation with her in Hiligaynon. Whoa! That was awesome. Actually, the language is really coming along this week. I still struggle to speak confidently and correctly, but especially the last few days I have been able to understand most all of what is being said. It is making sense! Hallelujah!!!!
Transfer meeting was on Friday, and Sister Peralta is the new STL and my housemate. She is a baby-faced, 27 year old Filipina. We all miss Sister Butler, but Sister Peralta is an awesome missionary. And, I am now not the youngest sister in the mission. haha. That was fun while it lasted. Our district got super-switched up, new district leader, more than half of the Elders were transferred, so we will get to meet many new faces in district meeting on Tuesday!
So! We still need new investigators, but we found a few that have a LOT of potential. We went to teach a second lesson to a referral, but she was at work, so we taught her 20-year-old daughter, Erlyn, instead. Wow! She was so interested. She has been to a lot of churches, and her mom is really Catholic, but she really connected with Joseph Smith's desire to know which church was right. At the end of the lesson, she asked, "Can I go to your church?" Yes!!!!!! That was amazing! And then she was waiting for us at Gaisano (across the street from the Oton chapel) yesterday before church. Also, we have been instructed by the mission president to try to find rich people to teach, because they will help a lot in establishing the church here in the Philippines, so we were tracting for magranon (rich) people (basically, if they own a car, they are rich), and we found George. He is very Catholic, but he is also very friendly and willing to listen. We will teach him the first lesson this week. Exciting!!!
I love you all and I really hope that you all have a great week. Seek joy by becoming involved in the work of God. Feast on the words of Christ! CTR!
Love, Sister Cassie Winward

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