Monday, August 19, 2013

First Baptism!

Hey Family!
How are all of you? How is your scripture study? Prayers? Church? Are you coming closer to Christ every day? :) I am doing pretty great! On Thursday, I had my first baptism! Mylene! We had it on a Thursday because with her darn work schedule, that was the best option. It was wonderful. She bore the sweetest testimony afterward. The Spirit was palpable. She had the biggest, most beautiful smile on her face! It has taken her a lot of faith to get to this point, and it was such a sweet experience. The next day we taught her about temples, and she is well on her way to be able to partake of those blessings as well. Yay!!!!
On Friday, we did a CSP (community service project) at the D's. (btw, Joy went to church again yesterday. YESSSS!!!! And Gloria received a calling as a branch missionary. Now she's official! haha) We did laundry--or Gloria taught me the right way how to do laundry. And we did some cleaning and Sister Mendez cooked breakfast--rice and fried bangus fish. I'm not a big fan of fish (or the smell of the fish market), but it actually was pretty tasty! Seriously, it is amazing how hospitable and kind this family is. They really don't have very much, but they take good care of us. I am glad we were able to help them, even in just a tiny way, to repay them for their generosity and kindness.
I think I mentioned last time, but we are teaching Kian, and 11-year-old. We have his baptismal date set for August 30, his birthday, and we need to finish teaching him all the lessons, so we are going there nearly every day. He is so excited to be baptized, and his mom, Mae, is so supportive.
Zone Conference is on Wednesday!! Yay! I am pretty excited for that. It will be great!
Random stuff about life in the Philippines:
I have a renewed appreciation for washers and dryers. Truly, there is nothing quite like doing hand laundry in a hard-pouring rainstorm to make one appreciate those luxuries...I have promised myself to love laundry in the states. No complaining when it takes about 5 seconds and no effort. haha. (That was last week, no worries, today the weather is lovely.)
How about people's jobs. So, usually it is very traditional, the husband works and the wife stays home with the kids. There are professionals who go to Iloilo city to work (doctors, nurses, secretaries, security guards, etc.). And a lot of men have jobs as sikad drivers, tricycle drivers, or jeepney drivers. Or a lot of families own a "tinda," or like a little neighborhood convenience store.
Basically every nice house has a concrete wall or a gate around it with spikes or barbed wire on top. I asked Sister Mendez why, because it really doesn't seem like a very crime-ridden place, she just said it is to keep thieves out. Interesting.
Well, that's all for now folks. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep smiling! I love you all and I am so grateful for you. Thank you for the letters and love and prayers! Do yourself a favor and go sing your favorite hymn. :) Halong!
Love, Sister Cassie Winward

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