Monday, August 12, 2013


Dear fabulous family,
How are you all? I am doing great! I am learning a ton every day about how to be a better missionary and handle all the details that go into the work. We did not end up having a baptism on Saturday because Mylene's work schedule is a problem, but we hope everything will work out for this weekend instead. We went over the Baptismal Interview Questions with her again, since it has been a little while since the District Leader interviewed her, and she knows it all. She has such a strong testimony and she is so ready! Yesterday, our deaf investigator, Joy D., came to church for the first time! YAY!! We are so excited! She always reads her scriptures and prays, and she knows it is all true, and now she is coming to church too!! In the Philippines, it is a requirement that baptismal candidates go to church for 4 consecutive Sundays before they can qualify for baptism. So, hopefully she will continue every week!! She is 22 years old, the daughter of my favorite member missionary, Gloria D. (formerly less active--but now she has returned, and is an awesome example of missionary work to the other members. She comes with us for at least one whole day every week), aaaand Joy is so nice. All I knew at first was the ASL alphabet, but Joy teaches us signs and we teach her the gospel. Ryan D., 15 years old, is a future missionary and he also has come with us to teach a few times. It is so fun to teach the D. family, and it is amazing to see the progress they have each made.
We have two investigators, Rose and Mae, who are really progressing, they each just have to get married so they can keep the Law of Chastity. Mae's son, Kian, though hopefully will be baptized really soon. He is 11, and he has the cutest smile. He is a really happy kid and he is really excited to be baptized, and his best friend in the world, Jewellyn, is also really progressing and will be baptized soon after Kian. Yesterday, we reextended Baptismal Goal Dates to them, and as long as they go to church every Sunday, they will be baptized in the next month or so. They each had huge smiles on their faces, they are so excited. They are the cutest, I just love them.
So, this morning in my study, I read Alma 43:21, and cross referenced that to D&C 27:15-18, about the armor of God. We need to make sure we read our scriptures and pray every day so we can be protected from temptation and be worthy to return to the presence of God. So, I have an idea. Every time you all email or write, will you tell me one thing you learned recently from studying the scriptures? I would really appreciate that. I know that any progress we make comes amat-amat (little by little). It is through our small daily efforts to follow the commandments of God that we will one day receive grand blessings in His kingdom. Just like in Alma 37: 6-7, by small means are great things brought to pass. That is how it is in missionary work too, every lesson we teach, every commitment they keep, helps them become a little closer to our Savior.
I love you all sooo much, keep pressing forward, and cherish every day. Be happy! Halong!
Love, Sister Winward

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