Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Hey Family! 

How are you? I am doing lovely. It's kind of chilly today. And by chilly I mean it is still 80 degrees. Haha. You poor freezing Utah people. (That is AWESOME that Tyler is going on a mission.  Woohoo! Arizona is lucky to have him.) We're still just chugging along... trying to find people who are interested and willing to act. Mae and Rose are still making progress. They're the best. So, without further ado, I decided to share with you how a normal day goes for me. Friday was a really great day, so I'll share about that. 

6:00am hitting snooze. Another great day of being a missionary! Wooo! We pray as companions then pray individually, then exercise. I jog around our little yard thing a couple times and call it good, stretch, crunches, whatever else. Hit the shower for a speedy cold bucket shower. Get into my lovely proselyting clothes and clip on my super-awesome nametag. 

8:00am ~Personal Study
9:00am ~Companionship Study (we have 2 hours so we can do 12 week program, since I am training Sister Nonu)
11:00am ~Lunch, Sister Peralta cooked us these delicious eggplant and egg torte things. YUM. 
12:00pm ~ Language Study
1:30pm ~Teach Rose! We got to see her cute baby again. We follow up on her scripture reading and she says she never has time because of the new baby. Which is understandable. But not ok. So we throw our lesson plan out the window, and decide to read 3 Nephi 11 with her. Which was awesome. The first time I have done just a reading-based lesson. But the Spirit was so strong. We help her understand the chapter, what it means and what it means for her. We testify of Christ. We help her understand what the word "doktrina" means. We tell her the BOM is absolutely central to knowing whether the Church is true. She is very grateful because she was able to understand it all. That is what I love about Rose, she is a sincere truth seeker and she will reread a chapter until she understands. She just is having a hard time doing that with the new baby. The Spirit was the best teacher. It was so strong. 
3:00pm ~Teach Edna. She is less active. We taught her about Family History. She has work on Sunday and she's not very willing to change that. Kind of a bummer. One day...
4:00pm ~Teach Albert. Crazy Albert...aka The Commander...aka the chain smoker that has a crush on me. Just because I'm white. Ahem, well, always an adventure with Albert. We try to teach him how to pray and what prayer is. He yells at us about gospel stuff and military stuff. He's great though...because he is our ONLY investigator who came to the Church Tour the branch did on Saturday and the only one who came to church. D&C 18:10 people. That's just it. He's funny, we sang "The Spirit of God" and busted up laughing because it talks about the "armies of heaven." He is always going on about how we are heavenly soldiers and stuff about missiles. Idk. But I was quizzing him about his past, he used to do Marijuana. Don't do drugs people, you'll end up like Albert! 
5:30pm ~Teach Mae, Melan, and Salving. I love them. Melan was hiding from us, but now she's back and she is interested and she read 3 Nephi 11. Kian is being a bummer...he is addicted to the computer. We went to get him for the lesson from the computer shop TWICE...and he still would not join the lesson. Grrr. Anyway, we teach them about The Creation, Adam and Eve, Our purpose on earth, and the Atonement. They were so engaged, had great additions and questions. Like... Do people come from monkeys? or are they made from ash? So we use 2 Nephi 2 about how Adam and Eve are our first  parents. I am excited about them. Melan wants to finish the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was fabulous. 
7:00pm ~Teach Brother N. He is also less active. He is an alcoholic and smokes. He has the biggest desire to change, and he was sooo sorry and felt so bad for doing it, but he has the hardest time. He is a sikad driver and the other sikad drivers always tempt him to drink and pick on him for being LDS. Peer pressure still exists when you are 50. We taught him about Repentance. He might've been a little drunk while we were teaching him. I'm not so sure. 
8:30pm ~Home again. Daily Planning = missionary's bread and butter. Update the Area Book. So exhausted. Eat a PB&J (my fave).
10:00pm ~Get ready for bed. 
10:30pm ~Lights out. Pray and sleep. 

It was the best day. That's about average...which means when there are no other meetings. Fun Stuff. Sometimes the routine is boring, other times it is the best. I never have to wonder what to do next, because we plan EVERYTHING. It is awesome. 

I hope all of you are doing well. I love you sooo much! CTR! or in Filipino...PAT (Pili Ang Tsakto)

Love, Sister Winward

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  1. I enjoyed reading how your day went! What mission in AZ is Tyler going to? When does he head down here? Keep up the good work! You're awesome! Love, Aunt Nancy