Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey Family!!!
How are all of you?  :) It has been another good week. It is very true that the days are long and the weeks are short, I remember hearing that a lot before my mission, but it is definitely a real phenomenon. I can't believe I have been here for a month already. Weird. So, I think I'll start with some funnies. On Saturday, I finally got called tambok for the first time. hahaha. Tambok means fat in Ilonggo. Let's be real, I was waiting for that moment. In the MTC, the teachers told us that Americans get called fat all the time. We were teaching a Less Active woman and her husband showed us a picture of the Idahoan Sister who converted them. He said how she was tambok and then they said I was too. Hehehe. Also, after that lesson, we were standing on a street waiting to hear back from the Branch President, and there were a couple of little kids yelling "'kana" at me (short for Amerkana), but every time I looked over, they ran away. haha. Silly.
This week it was my first turn to conduct the Weekly Planning Session. What a headache. I was pretty stressed over that, but I learned that I need to take way more notes in my planner because I just can't remember everything I need to. However, because of that, I think I am really learning what it means to "lose yourself in the work." Planning was stressful, but when we got to go out and teach later that day I just forgot all the stuff I was worried about and focused on the people and it was so good.
I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday on Obedience. President Aquino and his wife were there because he needed to do a baptismal interview for someone, so they spoke too. Preparing my talk was cool because of how quickly I was able to translate it. In the MTC it took foooorrreeeever to translate things for our fake lessons, I was so confused, but I am pretty sure I was able to translate my talk in less than an hour total, not that any of it was grammatically correct at all, but it made sense I think. That was neat to notice how far my skills have come. Again, I know the Spirit is helping me so much and the gift of tongues is absolutely real.
Also, Sunday was great because we had 7 less actives come to church! Yesssss!!!! It was awesome!
I am so sad to hear about Great Grandma West, I will be keeping her in my prayers. I hope all of you have a good week and become more converted to Christ every day. I know He lives and He loves us so much. He is our Savior and He redeemed us from death and from our sins and even our mistakes and weaknesses. I love all of you! Halong permi!
Love, Sister Winward

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