Monday, July 15, 2013

I love these people!

Hey Family!!!

How are you? I am doing so well!

So, I only have a little time left, but here is one of the best things that happened this week! We are teaching this young woman named Joy (She is deaf, so I'm learning some ASL least that involves some English!). Two of her teenage brothers are active, but her mom is not. So her mom, Gloria, hasn't been to church in a loooong time. She is so nice and she is very patient with my language ablilities (which are improving every day-I am so grateful!). So on Wednesday, we reeeeally needed a member to come with us so we could have some member-present lessons. We tried at a few of the YW homes, but they couldn't come. So then Sister Mendez decided we should get Gloria to come with us. We went and got her and she came with us to a few appointments. Then she ran into her childhood best friend, and she was so excited, hopefully the friend will be willing to listen to us. Gloria was with us for maybe 4 hours and she loved it. She was able to help us teach a new investigator. At the end, when she was going to go home we could tell that she just loved it. She asked if she could serve a mission too, haha. But best of all, she finally came to church on Sunday! And the RS Sisters fellowshipped her and were so excited that she was back! Yay! I know her testimony was strengthened. It was wonderful! 

I had my first lunch and dinner appointments this week too. Yummy food! We had dinner at Rosemalyn Buenafe's (A branch missionary). So, she is basically just amazing. She is probably about 25 and a RM. She is the local seminary teacher. Her mother is wheelchair bound because she had a stroke and a coma a few years ago. Just seeing Rosemalyn care for her mother in church and at their home is a huge example of selflessness. She does all she can to make sure her mom is comfortable and safe. She is so like Christ. 

Anyway, those are only a few of the wonderful people here. More stories to come. I love you and I hope you are all doing well. You all have a light within you, keep feeding the flame and share it with others. Also, thank you Grandma and Grandpa A for the candy package and letters. Fun! I have been studying in Alma about Ammon...miracles can really happen but first we must have faith! I love you all! 

Love, Sister Winward

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