Monday, February 24, 2014

Jaro is the BEST

Dear Family, 

How are all of you? It has been a wonderful week! Yesterday I tasted jackfruit for the first time. It is delicious. And yesterday was Stake Conference, and Elder Ardern of the 70 was there. And yesterday 5 of our investigators came to conference! And I got to sign to the ZLs investigator. And the work is HASTENING. In a nutshell, bala? 

Once upon a time, this area was not that progressive. But now it definitely is getting there. Sister Marchant and I have been able to find some amazingly prepared investigators in the last few weeks. Halimbawa (for example): Yesterday we went back to contact a man named Cesar who we had OYM'd, and his daughter Annabel was there. She is 20 and a math ed. major. She received the message so well. Wow. We taught all of the Restoration, and she was able to answer Cesar's questions. Cesar said that the priesthood of the Catholic church is just the pare (priests), but Annabel replied that they just went for school for that, they were not chosen by God like a prophet. She is really Catholic too, but she understood so well. I am excited about her. And then there is Tata. She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness/Catholic and now she is married to a member of Iglesia ni Cristo. But she doesn't really claim any of them and she has a lot of great questions. Last time we explained about the Apostasy, and I am excited to go back to her and share about the Restoration. The Spirit has definitely been leading us to the elect.

Leoandra and her son John Leo came to church. We taught Leoandra about the Word of Wisdom this week, and she accepted it with so much faith. She basically said that she already knows coffee is bad because she has seen how her father is addicted to it, so she will just switch to Milo (like hot chocolate) from now on. Faith gid. And she is so committed to come to church now. Jenny, one of Leoandra's neighbors also came. She is so funny.   

The members made yesterday possible. The Daquero family brought Angela with them. Mickey brought his asawa ("wife"), Rose, with him for the 4th Sunday in a row. And Sister Darlene picked up Leoandra in her car. The members are central to the success of this work. Converts to the gospel must endure to the end, and the members are key to that. 

Noemie is the ZLs investigator. They don't really know how to sign, so I'm gonna help them out tomorrow. But I got to refresh my sign language yesterday. It has been a while. She is really cute and it was fun to make a new friend. 

Well, people, I'm out of time. I love you all dearly. I know the Church is true. Being a missionary is the Best. I love this work and I love it even more when faith is shown by fellowshipping. Yes! 

Love, Sister Winward

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