Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dear Family,
How are all of you? I am doing great...a little sick, but Sister Ribelin gave me some essential oils and it's working like a charm. If anyone can guess what "Keyk" is I'll give them a prize. Guys, you won't even believe it, a "joe" is sitting next to me in the internet cafe. It is so weird to see other Americans. haha...I'm gonna have the WORST culture shock. Just sayin.'
So this week has been good. Ups and downs. As usual. haha. Mission life is so unexpected and so routine at the same time. I love it!
On Monday we had a cool lesson with Kitkit and the Tupas family. It is hard to get little kids to pay attention, right? So we were going to teach them the Plan of Salvation one piece at a time, and without planning this beforehand, Sister Domingo and I had an idea to take them on a little "tour." So we had all the little kids (ages 6 to 14) close their eyes, we pulled out our flashlights and shined it on their faces, and told to them use their imaginations as we toured them through our time in the Premortal Life. It was really cool. Then we did it again on Saturday night when we taught them about the Creation, Adam and Eve, and the Atonement. Elder Ortiz the AP was working with us that day, and it was cool to share that idea with him. We just narrated it all and then the kids thought it was so cool. Narrating the Atonement brought the spirit so strong. I know even thought they're young, they felt it.
Kinkin's funeral was on Thursday. It was a really nice service. We got to sing "A Child's Prayer" with the primary kids. He is buried in a nice, private cemetery more like the ones we have in America. Kinkin's uncle, Glenn, spoke and gave Kinkin's biography. Glenn has been less-active forever and a half...Sister Viliami and I tried to track him down before, but he is usually AWOL. Because of the funeral and Kinkin's passing, we were finally able to meet Glenn, and we have an appointment with him tonight. Yay! We are going to focus on just gaining his trust and building a friendship with him. And Kinkin's mother, Niki, is planning to come work with us this Wednesday. She is so strong. Also, Kinkin's younger sisters are twins, Kyla and Kiara. Kiara has a heart problem and will be going to get a long-awaited surgery this Tuesday. They are so blessed to have someone sponsoring the surgery. Even out of their heart-breaking loss, this family is already experiencing blessings.
I've had an interesting time with Sister Domingo this week.  The Lord taught me that effectively correcting people will never come in yelling at them, but speaking boldly and lovingly. Giving them time, understanding, and patience. And eternal second chances.  I love her a ton. She drives me nuts on a daily basis. Hay nako! I have never had anyone test my patience so much. But I know Heavenly Father has great plans for her. I decided she is like a nice layer cake...not like an onion. (Shrek, balahaw?) There is a lot beneath the surface.
A FISHY STORY: Once upon a time, Sister Ribelin and Sister Dotillos went out to proselyte in the pouring rain on Saturday morning. (It has been a signal 1 or 2 typhoon here and there is a bad one up in Manila...that just means it is raining really hard here, nothing dangerous. I still have never walked in a flood.) Then these two crazy sisters saw a fish swimming down the road and through the mud. So they tried to catch it with a little plastic bag. They finally got it into Sister Dotillos' umbrella, and asked a man to get it into the bag. Apparently the fish had dangerous spikes on its' head, which the kind man removed. Then they brought it home so excited about their catch and decided to cook it up. But they were too squeamish to kill it. They transferred it into a jar....which it then leaped out of and onto our countertop. YUCK! Luckily for them, we had texted the water guys to deliver our drinking water. So we asked them to kill the fish. He did it and gutted it and was laughing at us. ;) EW! Sister Ribelin and Sister Domingo cut it a little ... and then it started wiggling on the cutting board...AAAAHHHHHH!....They were screaming their heads off. And then, when they put it into hot oil in the frying was still wiggling! So. Gross. haha. I think they gave it to one of their investigators to eat once it was good and dead and cooked. We are so buang!
The best part of my week was our Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday and exchanges with Sister Ribelin on Wednesday. She is so awesome. The Zone Training really gave me that boost I needed to kick it up a notch in my missionary work. They talked all about "Raising the Bar." Shoot for the moon. Believe you can fly...and make it happen. That is really what faith is all about. Rely on the Lord, and do your very best and miracles will happen in your life. Live your life with purpose. ACT! We don't make goals for nothing....We make them to achieve them, then to raise the bar higher. Anyone can do it, and everyone should do it. Make your short time here on earth worth every second. Be men and women of purpose.
I love you all and I am grateful for your support. Have a great week!

Love, Sister Winward

P.S. Keyk is just the Hiligaynon spelling of Cake. haha :)

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