Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The "Challenge"

Dear Family, 

Mayad na aga! How are all of you doing this fine day? This has been the longest week ever it seems, but it went by in the blink of an eye. We had a zone conference last Wednesday in Arevalo. One of the highlights was that one of the APs challenged us to challenge at least one person to baptism every day. Sister Viliami and I have been trying to do that. It really helps to see who is ready and willing to change. One accepted. Her name is Alna. She is way nami and she has good questions and is very accepting and willing to change. She said she will come to church next week and bring her sister. The other highlight of zone conference was that President taught us about the Doctrine of the Family. The Area Presidency instructed all the Mission Presidents to teach about it to the missionaries. Because what is the next important thing to do after serving a mission? Get married. Gani. So that was fun, slightly awkward, mostly good...President showed his and Sister Aquino's wedding pictures and shared mostly from the Family Proclamation. He shared his formula for happiness, which I really loved, I hope you guys like it to0....

Six steps for a happy life: 
1. Faith
2. Obedience
3. Service
4. Serve a Mission
5. Education
6. Temple Marriage


Let's see, what else happened? Sorry. I had a fever yesterday and had to stay home :( Sister Rappleye is a good nurse. :) But now I have to jog my memory. lol. Oh yeah! We started teaching these little girls, Riza, Crystal, and Rona Jane. And they all came to church. And they want to come again next week. Yay! One of our HUGE focuses here is reactivating less-active Melchizedek Priesthood holders. We work 50/50. Half investigator/half less-active. Sister Viliami and I don't know the area super well, so we really want to seek out the part-member families and learn where more of the members live so we can get teach people close to them. :) Lots of plans. I am so grateful for the greatest plan of all...Heavenly Father's plan. Being out this long in the mission, I can see more clearly that He truly has a plan for every person, every missionary, every area. He knows how to teach us the things we need to learn. And He does it all because He loves us so much! 


Sister Winward

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