Monday, March 17, 2014


Dear Family, 

How are all of you doing? I am doing better. I hope you all have a very Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

 I want to tell you all about Leoandra and her family and how awesome and funny they all are. Leoandra has 6 kids. Melvin, Jun Leo, and Cassandra all asked for a Libro ni Mormon and are diligently reading it. I am so proud of them. Melvin never used to listen. But a few weeks ago we had a really awkward lesson with him, and two other 11 year old boys (the Grandma kind of made them listen to us because it was "good for them," but she herself didn't really pay attention). But then after that, Melvin has joined all of our lessons with Leoandra. He has a really high voice and it is so cute to hear him shout "Sisters!" from down the sidewalk. Jun Leo is my best friend. Last week he caught a giant beetle and named it Bunganga. It was huge! Like the beetle on Bug's Life, but black. He tied a string leash on it and then it was flying around on a leash. He helped me and Sister Marchant not be scared of it. We were teaching a lesson, and Jun Leo kept making us pet it so we would lose our fear of it. It was still gross. Then he would let it fly right by heads so we could feel the breeze its wings made. haha. Cassandra and I have an interesting relationship. Her friendship is very conditional. She always writes me a little note asking if I brought her some food. Usually I forget, and then she writes "Indi ta ka mega" (you're not my friend) and glares at me the rest of the time. I have given her a bunch of the stuff Grandma Allred sent for valentine's, and a book of mormon, and I let her borrow my crayons for a few days, but alas, she still does not like me very much. haha. Crissa Joy is 4 and loves to dance to Gangnam style and Hoops-skiddy-hoops. Eric is 2 and tiny and cute. He is a happy little guy. 

We met Leoandra's husband again finally! But we didn't get to teach him. I think he had work off because of the fiesta in Balantang (part of our area). He cooked us lunch on Saturday. It was tasty. Leoandra is an awesome missionary already. A bunch of her family was over at her house for the fiesta this week, and she introduced us to her cousin and her sister-in-law, so we got to teach them. And Leoandra was sharing about the Book of Mormon to them and sharing her testimony. She is awesome! We are planning on visiting those relatives again this week at their own homes. 

It was another kind of tough week. But faith has to precede miracles. I am working on Patience for a Christlike Attribute...because I need it. So I've been reading a verse each day from the Preach My Gospel section on Patience. Alma 31:31 was yesterday. I really liked it.

I am looking forward to April for baptisms and for a lot of Member Present lessons, because school will be out for summer vacation and we're gonna get EVERYONE to work with us. :) 

Also, the Daquero family is still doing fabulous. They fed us chicken and rice last night. They are the best! 

Love you all. Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Winward

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