Monday, December 23, 2013

Malipayon nga Paskwa! Merry Christmas!

Dear Family, 

Merry Christmas! I am so excited to skype you all! Palangga ko kamo! I am considering just speaking in Ilonggo for the 2 hours. Just kidding! ;) 

So, ZTM went well. I had them watch the video of me opening my mission call (which was really funny) and then discussed that talk by Elder Oaks and especially about Charity with a nami little powerpoint. I felt like I was in school again having to put that presentation together. haha. 

On Wednesday and Friday we did exchanges. Wednesday I went to Pavia with Sister Ribelin and Friday I went to our housemates' area with Sister Rappleye. It was fun to see how these two sisters are doing and to learn from them. Maybe they learned from me too, I don't know. haha. It made me super grateful again for the gift of tongues because I was able to help them out with the language. 

We (me and my housemates) have been discussing what our families' Christmas traditions are and we are probably going to mush them all together. Before I started emailing today I watch the new and the old Nativity videos for our tradition. Oh! That reminds me--I got the third Allred package with the stocking in it. Thanks! I made Sister Rappleye open that one. I am excited for the Christmas suprises! Yay! Also, if this has not already occured to people--I would LOVE to get your annual Christmas cards with the adorable family pictures on them. Better late than never. :) Pretty please with sugar on top!

And speaking of packages. We are making Christmas special for 3 families with all those toys that the family sent. Charity's family and the Arsenio's in our area. And Dodge's family in the other area. We gave Charity's family theirs, all wrapped up, yesterday, and all the kids were so excited. And I also handed out the Articles of Faith cards (thanks KariLyn!) and the CTR wristbands to another family yesterday. They were really excited. 

Probably the major difference in my Christmas (other than being a missionary halfway around the world) will be that it is so hot. This is technically rainy season, but it hardly rains and I feel like I am melting. Just kidding. I am used to it. Sister Marchant and I keep wishing it would just snow for like 20 minutes. Even though that would definitely throw all the Filipinos into a panic. haha. 

We are planning to teach lessons on Christmas, but if those fall through we will go caroling! Caroling here is like trick-or-treating. If you carol at someone's house, they have to give you candy or money. But we will just be asking for a little of their time instead. ;) 

Sister Marchant and I started our New Year's Resolutions early by going jogging this morning. haha. We didn't last too long, and mostly we were just hoping the neighborhood dogs wouldn't chase us. But it's a start. 

I am so glad you all went to visit Sister Marchant's family! Yay! That sound like it was fun. You should definitely all keep in touch. About lumpia--it is my favorite! I love that stuff. Yum... I'm glad you got to try some. I have been doing better at learning how to cook some of the food here. I made yellow curry this week (YUM!) and sopas (macaroni soup) last week. 

Makita ay kita sa Hwebes a las once para sa akon!  I love you all so much! 

Love, Sister Winward

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