Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving all of you 'kanas and 'kanos!

Dear Family, 

Hey! How are all of you doing this week? I am so glad you are all excited for Thanksgiving! Guess what's funny? A bunch of the Elders thought Thanksgiving was last Thursday so they celebrated by buying a roasted chicken ("Chooks-to-go"). Oops. haha. Probably I will celebrate by singing "Count your Blessings" and making a grateful list. No pumpkin pie...sayong! (too bad/darn). Actually, we are having a mission Christmas Conference on Wednesday, Nov that will be fun! 

I am THANKFUL for...
My family and friends and River 6th ward members (especially the Young Women). My awesome companion, Sister Nonu. Happiness. My mission is the best! Oton and the wonderful people here. Love and support from all of you. My Savior and His beautiful gospel. All that I have learned and enjoyed so far, and the all that I have yet to learn and experience. 
And so much more....seriously that is not even the tip of the iceberg!

Yesterday was Iloilo Stake Conference. It was very fun to see so many Saints gathered together. We met in Mandurriao because that chapel just got refinished or added onto or something, and we were packed like sardines. There were many great messages about being prepared and marriage (they stress that a lot here, probably because there are damo (many) YSAs), Missionary Work!, and saving the rising generation--basically how CRUCIAL the example of righteous parents is. Good thing my parents are THE BEST. Here's something you wouldn't see in Utah...on Saturday we were invited to attend the Adult session as well since it was about Hastening the Work of Salvation...Pres. Aquino asked all of the missionaries to stand up, which is about 50 of us. Yeah. In just one Stake. Pretty crazy! 

So, do any of you remember my "Week 11" of the 12-week-program? The week where the trainee leads and I was all stressed about it, haha? So, that was Sister Nonu's job this week. She led all of planning and our studies and teaching. Tanan (all/everything). Which was waaaaay nice for me. haha. Joke-lang. Actually it is really funny how events in mission life parallels to events normal life. She is my "bata" and it was like seeing her all grown up this week! She has learned a ton and become humble and grown to love the people. And what I am grateful for is all that I have learned from her! She is beautiful inside and out and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be her trainer. I am so glad the Lord trusted me with this calling. Being a trainer is the best! 

So, guess what's cool? Last Monday our FHE fell through, so we contacted a referral instead. Her name is Michelle, and there are a ton of people at her house. Right now she's not super interested in being baptized, but she is open to the message, and she wants to invite all of her friends to the lessons too. And she has super good questions...which is awesome, because that shows she's interested. Definitely great potential! We are pretty excited about her and her family and friends we have been able to teach. 

I hope you are all doing great! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Life is always great when we live with a grateful heart every day. I love you all soooo much! Halong and eat delicious food! 

Love, Sister Winward

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