Monday, September 30, 2013

Ang regalo sang mga hinambalan (The gift of tongues)

Hello Family! 

Kamusta kamo? Palangga ko kamo! Tani buhi pa kamo tanan kag may kalipayan kamo kada adlaw. Ano natabo sini nga semana? Hmmm...hulat lang. Ginapinsar ko. Wala. Joke-lang! Ini ang natabo sa amon...Si Sister Mae, nadumduman nyo siya? Siya ang sagad missionary! Nagapahambit siya sang ebanghelyo sa mga neighbors niya. So, may tatlo ka bag-o nga investigators kami halin sa efforts niya. 

Haha. Did you understand any of that? Naintindihan nyo bala? Jokes. Sige, so here's your translation: How are all of you? I love all of you! Hopefully you are all still alive and have happiness every day. What happened this week? Hmmm...just wait. I am thinking about it. Nothing. Jokes! This is what happened to us...Sister Mae, do you all remember her? She is a great missionary! She is sharing the gospel to her neighbors. So, we have three new investigators from her efforts. 
Amo na. That's it. haha. 

See, I am really learning a new language. It is funny. I find it hard to even speak English sometimes when we're out and about. Like on Tuesday we met this man from Maryland who has lived here for 4 years. He doesn't know the language at all. I almost couldn't think of what to say to him in English. I've been here for like what, 3, 4 months? The gift of tongues is sooo  real people. Some missionaries say that one day the language just clicks for them. It hasn't been like that for me, just amat-amat, little by little. I am so far from fluent, but then again, the people here know so many random dialects they aren't even fluent in their own language either. haha. It's always a jumble of Ilonggo, Tagalog, and English, and maybe some Kiray-a too. So it's coming along. I didn't really realize how much I knew until now and I have to teach the language to Sister Nonu. I am picking it up. Diligence and the Spirit. It is the only way! 

Also, I don't super have and accent, but I know the "sing-song" lilt in the language is in my English now too. So I guess you all have that to look forward to, yeah? haha. Jokes. 

We are trying to track down less actives and find some Part members...but a lot of them haven't been home when we've tried. But, we did meet Betty G.  on Saturday. It was raining soooooo hard that day. As in soo hard....You people have nooo idea what a rainstorm is. I'm serious. It was crazy. But I still haven't been in a real flood yet, Saturday it was just up to my ankles. But anyway, so while my drenched skirt was making a puddle on her floor, we taught Betty. I asked her why she wasn't going to church and she said, "Sister, I am wicked." Oh man. This daughter of God thinks she has done too much wrong to go to church. No way. Basically, I just tried my best to help her understand that. No matter what she's done it is NEVER to late to turn her life around through repentance and the Atonement. God will never stop loving us no matter what we do. His love is unconditional and eternal. Same goes for me and all of you. And everyone you ever meet. If you know you have changes to make, start now. Sige? Okay? Himuon mo bala? Will you do it? She really was such a sweetheart. She didn't go to church, but we will keep visiting, this is just a new beginning for her.

So yep. Bah! It kills me that all of you still don't know this language and have never been here or met these people. It is my world and I love it! Pray for them okay? Thanks.

I love all of you sooooo much. 

Love, Sister Winward

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